Appendix 1: Questions for Divergent Thinking Practice

1. A person forgot something. What did he or she forget?

2. A person is really happy. Why?

3. A person had something he or she liked for lunch. What was it?

4. A person is really tired. Why?

5. A person says, “Oh, that’s awesome!” What did the person think was so awesome?

6. A person needs to use some fortitude skills. What has happened?

7. A person can’t drive a car to a certain place. Why not?

8. A person found a box on the ocean floor. What was in it?

9. A person passionately believes in a certain cause. What is it?

10. A person wants to get to know someone else. The person walks up and says an “opening line” to try to get a conversation started. What does the person say?

11. Someone sees something that’s tall. What is it?

12. Someone wants to get divorced from his or her spouse. Why?

13. Someone compliments someone else. What does the person say?

14. Someone is grateful. For what?

15. Something is growing. What is it?

16. Someone likes someone else a lot. Why?

17. Someone has failed at something. What is it?

18. Someone says, “How beautiful!” Why did the person say that?

19. Someone wants something really badly. What does the person want?

20. Someone asks someone a question, and the person doesn’t reply. Why not?

21. Someone doesn’t do well in a certain subject in school. Why not?

22. Someone says, “That’s the type of person I want to hire to work for my company!” Why?

23. Someone is laughing. Why?

24. Someone uses a rock for something. How does he or she use it?

25. Two people have a conflict with each other. What is it?

26. Someone has a problem to solve. What is the person’s problem?

27. Someone sets a goal for himself. What is that goal?

28. Someone gets a peace prize. What did the person do to deserve it?

29. A fish is swimming really fast. Why is it doing so?

30. Someone has an unrealistic fear of something. What is it?

31. Two people are having a good time playing. What are they playing?

32. Someone is worried about something. What’s the person worried about?

33. Someone does something to protect his or her health. What is it?

34. A dog is barking. Why?

35. Someone is working very hard on something. What is it?

36. Someone is wasting time. What’s the person wasting time on?

37. Someone says, “I can’t wait until that happens!” What is the person looking forward to?

38. Someone has a plan for his or her business, but something goes wrong. What goes wrong?

39. Someone says, “If only we did this, the world would be less violent.” What could this be?

40. Someone’s initials are S.T. What could the person’s name be?

41. Someone gives someone else a present. What is it?

42. Someone admires someone else. Why?

43. Someone has something unwanted happen at school. What was it?

44. Someone feels more hopeful than before. Why?

45. Someone has a pet. What is it?

46. Someone is late. Why?

47. Someone goes somewhere on vacation. Where does the person go?

48. Someone has lost something. What was it?

49. Someone has set a goal for him or herself. What is the goal?

50. A person just had some really healthy food. What was it?

51. Someone put something on his or her “to do list” for the day. What was it?

52. Someone tells someone else a secret. What is the secret?

53. Someone invites someone else to do something with him/her. What do they do together?

54. Someone fixes something that was broken. What was it?

55. Someone earns some money. How does the person do it?

56. “Ah! Something smells good!” What is it?

57. Someone makes a big mistake. What is it?

58. Someone writes a nonfiction book that is meant to teach people something. What’s the title of the book?

59. Someone got wet from a bunch of water falling on him/her. How did this happen?

60. Someone is very proud of him/herself. Why?

61. Someone is angry at someone else. What did the other person do?

62. Someone thinks of a question for the divergent thinking exercise. What is it?