Aggression Scale (JMS Modification of Overt Aggression Scale)

Name of person being rated: _____________________________________

Name of rater:_________________________________________________

Today’s date:__________________________________________________

Please rate how big a problem aggressive behaviors were in the last week. You may use any number from 0 to 10, including odd numbers, and even decimals such as 7.5. In thinking about how large a problem the behaviors were, think about both their severity and their frequency.

0=No problem

2=Minor problem

4=Somewhat a problem

6=Moderately large problem

8=Definitely Large problem

10=Extremely large problem

_______1. Verbal aggression. From less severe to more severe: made loud noises or shouted, yelled mild insults, cursed viciously, made moderate threats to self or others, made clear threats of violence.

_______2. Physical aggression against self. From less severe to more severe: minor injury, moderate injury or banged head, minor cuts, bruises, burns; bleeding, loss of teeth, loss of consciousness.

_______3. Physical aggression against people. From less severe to more severe: threatened, pushed, swung at people; hit, kicked; caused mild to moderate injury; caused severe injury.

_______4. Physical aggression against objects. From less severe to more severe: slammed doors, made a mess; threw objects; broke objects, broke windows; set fires, used objects in very dangerous way