One item functioning scale

Please rate the person’s overall functioning over the last week, (or other specified interval) where 0 is worst and 10 is best functioning.

Please use any number in the interval 0 to 10, including, if you wish, odd numbers or decimals such as 3.8.

Negative or harmful behaviors should pull the rating down. For example, despite lots of positive behavior, a few very harmful violent behaviors, or even one action if harmful enough, would result in a very low rating of global functioning.

When rating, please think in terms of “How much would I like it if every week were like this one, for this person?”

0=Very undesirable, very great need for improvement.

2=Definitely undesirable, great need for improvement.

4= In the undesirable range, need for improvement.

6=OK, adequate, acceptable, but not great. Improvement is desirable.

8=Good functioning in this area. Would be just fine if pattern continued as is.

10=Excellent functioning. Would be great, wonderful if pattern continued as is.

_____1. Please rate overall functioning. Good functioning is the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that tend to: produce happiness and well-being in both oneself and others; produce good social relations and positive achievement; and accomplish worthwhile goals. Please rate how strongly you would wish for this week's overall behavior pattern to continue.

Better, Worse, or Same Scale

Since ___________ date, the person’s overall global psychological functioning, well-being, or emotional and behavioral status is:

0=extremely worse

1=much worse

2=fairly much worse

3=somewhat worse

4=slightly worse

5=the same (or: the ways better and the ways worse cancel each other out)

6=slightly better

7=somewhat better

8=fairly much better

9=much better

10=extremely better