Reasons for Living Scale

Your Name:_______________________________________

Today's Date:______________________________________

0=Not at all

2=Only a little bit




10=Very strong

Please rate the extent to which each of the following gives you a reason or motive for living, for participating in life:

_____1. My value system and my beliefs and principles.

_____2. Goals that I want to achieve.

_____3. My current relationships with people.

_____4. My anticipation of what relationships I can have in the future.

_____5. My current enjoyment of at least some of life’s experiences.

_____6. My anticipation of being able to enjoy life’s experiences in the future.

_____7. My survival instinct.

_____8. My hopes for the future.

_____9. My fear of death.

_____10. My refusal to give up.

_____11. My concern for other people's happiness.

_____12. My expectation that positive things will happen later on.

_____13. My wish not to hurt other people.

_____14. My wish to be a success in life.

_____15. My belief that life can be meaningful and worthwhile, even when it is not pleasant.

_____16. Not wanting to miss out on experiences.

_____17. The fact that other people need what I will be able to do for them.

_____18. My determination to triumph over any difficulties and problems, and not be defeated.

_____19. My sense of wonder and amazement that life even is possible, and a wish to take advantage of the opportunity.

_____20. My faith that with enough work and effort, a good life can probably be achieved.

_____21. A wish to make the world a better place, even if only by a little bit.

_____22. A knowledge that most people who feel that life is not worth living eventually change their minds.

_____23. The idea that when suffering is unavoidable, bearing it well can be meaningful and worthwhile.

_____24. The idea that showing other people how to cope well with unavoidable suffering can give purpose to life.

_____25. Other:_________________________ .