Reasons for Nonviolence Scale

Your Name:__________________________________________

Today's Date:_________________________________________

0=Strongly disagree


4=Slightly disagree


6=Slightly agree


10=Strongly agree

_____1. Nonviolence is a very important value or principle that I believe in.

_____2. Goals that I want to achieve give me a strong reason for nonviolence, because violence would keep me from achieving those goals.

_____3. Because I have good relationships with people, I have strong reason not to be violent toward those people.

_____4. My wish not to see anyone else suffer is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____5. My wish that other people will be nonviolent is a strong reason for my being nonviolent.

_____6. Rules against violence are a good reason for being nonviolent, because they are good rules.

_____7. My abilities to influence people in nonviolent ways mean that I don't need violence as a source of power.

_____8. My not liking to see people hurt is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____9. Not wanting to break the law or get into legal trouble is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____10. My conscience would make me feel very guilty if I hurt anyone.

_____11. I believe that violent people are usually the “losers” of our world.

_____12. I believe that people who are smart enough can almost always get enough of what they want in nonviolent ways.

_____13. The idea of treating other people the way I would like to be treated is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____14. The fact that violence causes other people to be violent back is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____15. The fact that people are likely to get punished for hurting others is a strong reason for nonviolence.

_____16. Since violence is one of the biggest problems of the human race, I want to contribute to solving it rather than adding to it.

_____17. I believe that if people are smart enough, they can solve conflicts by using words rather than weapons.

_____18. I feel empathy for people who are hurt, so I would feel bad about hurting someone.

_____19. I feel that it is a great goal for people to learn to get along and be kind, and violence is the opposite of that.

_____20. I wouldn’t want someone to be violent with me; therefore I don’t want to be violent to others.

_____21. One of the most important ways of improving the world is working for, and modeling, nonviolence.

_____22. Other:_______________________________ is a strong reason for nonviolence.